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Alice Adams (1935)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Alice Adams (1935)

In director George Stevens' version of Booth Tarkington's novel of the same name:

  • the scene of Alice (Katharine Hepburn), the daughter of Virgil Adams (Fred Stone), weeping bitterly at her rain-spattered bedroom window after returning home from the Palmer dance - feeling completely humiliated by her bedraggled bouquet of flowers, her insensitive escort brother Walter (Frank Albertson), and dashed hopes of respectability with new-in-town suitor Arthur (Fred MacMurray)
The Disastrous 'Formal' Dinner
  • the classic, tragically funny, disastrous dinner-party scene, in which aspiring, pretentious Alice hopelessly wished to rise up above the low-social prominence of her vulgar, poor family to impress her rich new suitor Arthur Russell by inviting him to a "stylish" dinner party at her own home - in the wilting humidity and summer heat, it was served valiantly by the part-time, hired black servant/cook Malena (Hattie McDaniel); Alice suffered with the surly maid, her socially-awkward father, and the incredibly inappropriate 'formal' dinner menu, and believed afterwards that she would never see Arthur again
  • the couple's kiss on the front porch at the end of the film

At the Dance with New-in-Town Suitor Arthur (Fred MacMurray)

Alice's Weeping at Window

The Awkward Dinner Party

Ending Porch Kiss with Arthur


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