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Annie Hall (1977)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Annie Hall (1977)

In director/actor Woody Allen's prized semi-autobiographical, Best Picture-winning comedy:

  • the scene in the line at the movie theatre when real-life Marshall McLuhan (Himself) was pulled out from behind a lobby standee to 'tell off' a pseudo-intellectual blowhard-critic (Russell Horton) who was pontificating about director Fellini and Samuel Beckett - followed by Alvy's (Woody Allen) rebuttal to the camera: ("Boy, if life were only like this")
  • the contrasting titles of Marcel Ophul's grim documentary The Sorrow and the Pity
  • the realistic scenes of the developing relationship between Annie (Diane Keaton) and Alvy including their kitchen scene preparing lobsters and their first insecure meeting at a tennis club
With Annie Hall (Diane Keaton)
Tennis Club
Balcony of Apartment
Preparing Lobster
  • the subtitles scene (during two simultaneous dialogues) on Annie's apartment balcony revealing their real feelings/thoughts behind their nervous and fumbling chit-chatty words of flirtation
  • Alvy's struggle against a spider in his bathroom - "the size of a Buick"
  • the sight gag of Alvy snorting coke - and sneezing, and blowing about $2,000/ounce worth of cocaine into the room!
  • fantasy elements (including Annie and Alvy as cartoon characters, Alvy talking directly to the audience or to his younger self and Jewish relatives, and the split-screen family dinner scene)
  • the scenes of Alvy meeting Annie's family including her suicidal brother Duane (Christopher Walken) and Grammy Hall (Helen Ludlam)
  • the many jokes emphasizing the difference between New York and LA
  • Alvy's questioning of strangers on the street to find the secrets to their happiness for sexual and romantic compatibility
  • the flashbacked philosophical ending and chicken joke

Movie Theatre Discussion

Annie and Alvy as Cartoon Characters

Snorting Cocaine

Ending and Parting


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