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Bambi (1942)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Bambi (1942)

In Disney's classic feature-length animation:

  • the visually-beautiful and musically-expressive animated Disney classic based on the Felix Salten story, with cute and lovable rabbit Thumper and bashful skunk Flower
  • the coming-of-age scene of young fawn Bambi stumbling over his spindly legs and having trouble with his footing when taught how to walk/run by Thumper
  • Bambi's first visit to the meadow with his mother
  • Thumper's lesson for Bambi on how to slide across the ice - causing Bambi to end up spread-eagled
  • the traumatic, off-screen (sound of gunshot) death of Bambi's mother by Man - a hunter in a snow-covered meadow and the small fawn's fearful cries of "Mother, where are you?" during a raging snowstorm
The Traumatic Scene of the Death of Bambi's Mother by Man
  • Bambi's buck father's fateful message about her death to Bambi: ("Your mother can't be with you anymore") - one of the saddest sequences in film history
  • wise old Owl's humorous sex-education speech on the power of falling in love ("twitterpatted")
  • Bambi's expressionistically-filmed fight with a rival deer named Ronno for the affections of pretty doe Faline
  • the scene of Bambi protecting Faline from a pack of mad and vicious hunting dogs
  • the scene of the hunters' return, when three fearful pheasants cornered in the tall grass were worried about their predicament; the most scared one exclaimed: "Listen, he's coming...He's coming closer!...We'd better fly"; others whispered: "Hush. Be quiet...Be calm. Don't get excited"; there was a warning and a plea: "No, no, don't fly. Whatever you do, don't fly!" - but the fearful pheasant did fly upwards as it shouted out: ("He's almost here. I can't stand it any longer!") - and was shot down; the lifeless body tumbled to the ground, followed by a flurry of feathers - and scattering of all the other animals
  • the chaotic destruction of the forest by a wildfire (carelessly caused by Man), and the portrayal of the helplessness of the animals caught in the conflagration
  • the final scene of a grown Bambi proudly taking his place and standing with his 'Prince of the Forest' father, silhouetted against the sky, before he ascended to the top position in the herd when his father stepped aside

On the Ice with Thumper

Fearful Pheasants At the Approach of Hunters

Forest Fire

Bambi Proudly Standing with His Father: "Prince of the Forest"


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