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The Caine Mutiny (1954)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Caine Mutiny (1954)

In director Edward Dmytryk's military drama:

  • the concluding scene of the by-the-book and paranoid Captain Queeg's (Humphrey Bogart) disintegration on the witness stand while nervously manipulating steel ball bearings in his hand
  • his incoherent, crazy and unhinged ramblings during the court-martial trial about disloyal officers and about the strawberry incident, after being broken down and cross-examined by lawyer Lt. Barney Greenwald (Jose Ferrer): ("Ah, but the strawberries! That's, that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with, with geometric logic, that, that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox did exist, and I've had produced that key if they hadn't pulled the Caine out of action. I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow officer. (He paused - looked at all the questioning faces that stared back at him, and realized that he had been ranting and raving) Naturally, I can only cover these things from memory. If I left anything out, why, just ask me specific questions and I'll be glad to answer them")

"Strawberries" Speech During Court-Martial Trial


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