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The Cameraman (1928)


Written by Tim Dirks

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The Cameraman (1928)

In co-director/actor Buster Keaton's great comedy, his first film with a major studio:

  • the character of photographer Buster (Buster Keaton himself) who became a newsreel-cameraman to win over pretty MGM secretary Sally (Marceline Day)
  • the embarrassing screening of Buster's first test film reel - a series of double-exposed footage that showed a battleship floating down a street, and pedestrians being run over by buses and cars
  • the famous, fully-improvised, pantomimed one-man baseball game (filmed at Yankee Stadium)
  • the classic, small-scale changing-room bathhouse scene: in the crowded men's locker room of a public swimming pool, Buster was confronted in one of the tiny cubicle-booths by a burly man (Edward Brophy) who wasn't willing to compromise and share the small space; when Buster asserted: "This is my dressing room!", the man threatened: "Shut up... or it'll be your coffin!"; Buster was forced into a corner, became entangled in the man's suspenders and clothing, and eventually ended up on the man's back, who complained: "Will you keep out of my undershirt?"
Bathhouse Changing Scene - and The Loss of Buster's Ill-Fitting Swim-Suit
  • the funny visual sight of Buster exiting the bath-house dressing room, wearing an oversized, ill-fitting bathing costume, and losing his suit in the public pool after attempting to impress Sally with a fancy dive (and staying underwater to hide being naked), including diving deep to avoid Sally's request: "Let's get out of here and go walking on the beach"

Double-Exposed Footage

Viewing of First
Test Film Reel

One-Man Baseball Game


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