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Camille (1936)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Camille (1936)

In George Cukor's superb romantic drama - one of filmdom's greatest classics with Garbo's best performance, with wonderful romantic dialogue and soft-focus cinematography:

  • the scene of Baron de Varville (Henry Daniell) playing the piano to torture courtesan La Dame Aux Camelias ("Lady of the Camellias") Marguerite Gautier (Greta Garbo) with his knowledge of her arranged tryst with a young Armand Duval (Robert Taylor)
  • the lovely pastoral sequence with Armand
  • Marguerite's encounter with Armand's father (Lionel Barrymore) when he asked her to stop ruining his son
  • Camille's decision to break off her relationship
  • her weeping while writing a farewell to Armand
  • the final, beautiful deathbed scene, dying in her lover's arms, when she told him: ("Perhaps it's better if I live in your heart, where the world can't see me. If I'm dead, there'll be no staying of our love")
Dramatic Death Scene
  • Armand's words when he realized she was dead: ("Marguerite. Marguerite! No, don't leave me. Marguerite come back")


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