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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

In Rouben Mamoulian's spine-tingling horror film:

  • the long, subjective opening sequence in which Dr. Henry Jekyll (Fredric March) traveled to a lecture and spoke about separating the two natures of man and releasing the good evil in a man's soul
  • the first transformation scene of Dr. Jekyll drinking a potion in his laboratory and his amazing change into the frightening Mr. Hyde - a bullying, jagged-toothed, sexually libidinous, bedeviled creature
  • his grotesque exclamation in front of a mirror: "Free - free at last" as the camera spun around
  • the scene of Jekyll rescuing promiscuous Variety Music Hall barmaid Ivy Pearson (Miriam Hopkins) from one of her brutal 'callers', when she undressed to rest in her bed, removed her stockings and garters from each leg and then reclined on her bed totally nude, covering herself with her bedspread and bedsheets - she quickly embraced and kissed him, but they were interrupted by the appearance of Jekyll's upright colleague Dr. John Lanyon (Holmes Herbert) at the door - when Jekyll exited, Ivy seductively and rhythmically swung her leg back and forth next to the bed (with her garter and bare leg seen in closeup) -- to further entice Dr. Jekyll, as she entreated and invited him to return quickly: "Come back soon, won't you?....Soon...Come back"; as he left, a superimposed overlay of her swinging leg (with her whispered words) was seen over his descent of the stairs
Mr. Hyde with Ivy
  • the scenes in which Hyde taunted and brutally forced his affections on Ivy ("You'll come with me," "Just as I want," and "What I want, I get!") - telling her as she cowered from him: "I"ll show you what horror means..."
  • the final scene of his death when he changed from the forbidding Hyde back into Jekyll

Dr. Jekyll's Lecture

First Transformation into Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll with Seductive Barmaid Ivy Pearson


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