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Sexy Beast (2000)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Sexy Beast (2000, UK/Sp.)

In this British crime-thriller, the directorial debut film of Jonathan Glazer:

  • retired British career criminal, ex-con and safe-cracker Gary "Gal" Dove (Ray Winstone) was living an idyllic life at a Spanish Costa del Sol villa, he was residing there with his ex-porn star wife DeeDee (Amanda Redman).
  • the paunchy, hapless retired thief (is he the "sexy beast"?) lazed by his swimming pool in a skimpy yellow swimsuit, working on his overbaked tan in the intense heat, when unexpectedly, a large boulder careened down the hillside behind the villa and landed in his pool - nearly killing him. It was metaphorically symbolic of what would soon happen
  • he received news during a restaurant dinner that his nemesis from London was about to arrive the next day. Also, his dreams were being haunted by a death-dealing, human-sized feral rabbit-demon (the "sexy beast"?)
  • hs definite retirement was threatened when the obviously unwelcome character was then introduced. Only the back of his bald head was at first visible as he strolled down a long airport corridor; the short and stout character, walking ramrod-upright, was wearing tailored slacks and a short-sleeved shirt
The Arrival of Don Logan (Ben Kingsley)
  • he was revealed as an old criminal underworld partner named Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) who was there to enlist Gal in a London bank heist - with "no risk." Logan's menacing character was violent, intimidating, tenacious and sociopathic, and wouldn't accept no for an answer


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