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Sicario (2015)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Sicario (2015)

In Denis Villeneuve's taut crime action-thriller about efforts to stop drug trafficking and drug wars in Mexico:

  • the opening bravura sequence of a heavily-armed kidnap-response SWAT team converging on a suburban house in Chandler, Arizona (near Phoenix) - and bursting into the living room with a tank - and then the gruesome discovery of dozens of decomposing bodies (with plastic bags cinched tight over their heads) mummified within the home's walls
  • the scene of a heavily-armed US convoy going into Mexico to pick up a major player in the Mexican drug trade, to transport him back across the US border for questioning; aerial shots and tight POV shots captured the speeding convoy of black Chevy Tahoe trucks through the narrow streets of Juarez
  • the tense border crossing shoot-out scene at Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, on the crowded, grid-locked highway leading to the Bridge of the Americas, when principled FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) and a group of US Marshals and Delta Force soldiers were involved in an operation to extradite a leading Sonora drug cartel member, Guillermo Diaz (Edgar Arreola) back into the US; the attempted ambush by other cartel members in numerous other cars to rescue the prisoner failed when they were killed; as Kate watched the bloody slaughter, she asked herself: "What the f--k are we doing?" and she heard: "This is going to be on the front page of every newspaper in America"


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