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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)


Written by Tim Dirks

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999)

In Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's co-written and directed often-vulgar, non-PC, and anarchistic animated musical that showed satirical irreverence toward small towns, the movie ratings system, various religious icons, bad parenting, censorship, and much more:

  • in the tale, four young boys (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick) were able to sneak into the showing of an R-rated Canadian feature movie; it was the viewing of a film within a film ("Asses of Fire") by the group of third-grade boys from the sleepy town of South Park, Colorado - featuring Canadians Terrance (voice of Matt Stone) & Phillip (voice of Trey Parker), about lighting farts on fire. The duo also performed the vulgar song "Uncle F--ka" on-screen in "Asses of Fire."
  • in school the next day, the boys were profusely swearing at their teacher - corruptive after-effects of the film; parents (mothers) were summoned and the school counselor Mr. Mackey (Trey Parker) led the anti-profanity sing-along song: "It's Easy, M'Kay," stressing through rehabilitation that one had to get "back in touch" and stop cursing or using bad words
  • later after watching the forbidden film a second time, the scene of muffled-voiced, parka-clad third-grader Kenny (voice of Matt Stone) lighting his flatulence on fire during a $100 bet with Eric (voice of Trey Parker), dying (as usual) in the hospital, and being sent to Heaven (with lots of nude females awaiting entry), where he was rejected, and then to Hell where Satan was portrayed as the homosexual lover of recently-deceased Saddam Hussein
Kenny's Flatulence Lit on Fire
Females Awaiting Entry Into Heaven
Dead Kenny Denied Access to Heaven
Kenny Entering Hell
Saddam Hussein with Satan in Hell
  • the declaration of war against Canada by the South Park PTA (led by Kyle's mother Sheila Broflovski) formed "Mothers Against Canada" (M.A.C.). They pushed for censorship efforts against Terrance and Phillip, as well as the whole nation of Canada - to blame it for the ensuing corruption and misbehavior of the children - with the song "Blame Canada"
  • the scene of Terrance and Phillip appearing on TV - on the Conan O'Brien Show (Brent Spiner), a talk show, where they were arrested by the US Army and jailed as war criminals ("for corrupting America's youth") after being set up by M.A.C., while Conan committed suicide (although later revived). When the US refused to release the duo, the US was ultimately pressured into waging war against Canada.
  • to retaliate against corpulent foul-mouthed Eric, Sheila (now appointed U.S. Secretary of Offense) compelled Dr. Vosknocker (voice of Eric Idle) to implant a V-chip into Eric's brain to stop him from uttering profanities by delivering an electric shock: ("Now I want you to say 'big floppy donkey dick'")

The Conan O'Brien Show
Demonstration of V-Chip Implantation
"What Would Brian Boitano Do?"
  • the boys attempted to save their two Canadian idols from being executed by electrocution (in an electric chair) during a USO show, by uprising and forming a children's underground resistance force, known as La Resistance, after singing: "What Would Brian Boitano Do?", and offering punch and pie to those who joined their effort; on the other hand, the US Army was planning to present the show and execution, and then send ground troops into Canada
  • during the chaos after the USO show and war, the boys freed Terrance and Phillip. Ultimately, a war against Satan and Saddam (who planned to rule the Earth) ended with their defeat and return to Hell, as everything returned to normal, and self-sacrificing Kenny entered Heaven, where he was greeted by two nude angels

(l to r): Kenny, Eric, Kyle, and Stan

Film Within a Film ("Asses of Fire")

"Uncle F--ka"

"It's Easy, M'Kay"

"Blame Canada"

USO Show

La Resistance

Kenny Entering Heaven, With Nude Angels


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