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Taxi Driver (1976)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Taxi Driver (1976)

In Martin Scorsese's visceral and feverish masterpiece:

  • the unforgettable images of the squalid side of New York City with its hard-core porn houses and Times Square pushers, pimps, and prostitutes
  • the characterization of neurotic, insomniac, troubled loner and Vietnam vet/cabbie Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro)
  • the scene of Travis' abortive date with pretty blonde campaign worker Betsy (Cybil Shepherd) when he took her to a porno theatre
  • the surrealistic taxi cab rides including the psychotic passenger (director Martin Scorsese) who planned to kill his adulterous wife with a .44 Magnum
  • the indelible "You talkin' to me?..." scene belligerently delivered (to the camera and an invisible enemy) in front of a mirror as Travis practiced quick-drawing with his guns (as part of his crazed assassination plan), and made various poses in his squalid walkup apartment (ending with the conclusion: "You're dead")
  • the many scenes of Travis writing in his journal about his dis-satisfaction with his life
  • the breakfast scene with teenaged runaway/prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster) who dined on toast topped with jelly and sugar
  • the scene of Iris' pimp Sport (Harvey Keitel) dancing with Iris
  • the scene of the Palantine political rally with Travis' Mohawk
  • the vigilante bloodbath killing of Sport ("Suck on this"), and the brothel gunfight's aftermath with Travis putting his bloody finger to his temple and saying "Pgghew! Pgghew! Pgghew!" as a mock-suicide - followed by an incredible crane shot from above viewing the carnage
  • the rescue of Iris, and the ironic heroic acclaim given to Travis


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