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Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

In producer Ross Hunter's and director George Roy Hill's overlong flapper-era musical comedy spoof starring Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore:

  • during the opening credits, the title character - naive young Millie (Julie Andrews) who 'modernized' herself after noticing that she was woefully out-dated - she entered the Madcap Beauty Spot - and with a short bob haircut and a new dress style was transformed into a NY 'Roaring 20's' "modern" flapper; in the background on the soundtrack, the Oscar-nominated, title song Thoroughly Modern Millie (pictured twice) was sung by Julie Andrews
  • the scene-stealing character of wealthy, madcap and outlandish widow Muzzy Van Hossmere (Oscar-nominated Carol Channing)
  • her show-stopping performance of "Jazz Baby" - including her playing of many musical instruments (a trumpet, banjo, clarinet - and a large bass saxophone) followed by her dancing atop a xylophone
  • her flying stunts in a biplane with a German World War I ace, and acrobatics while singing "First Date (Do It Again!)" after being fired out of a cannon and spouting her favorite exclamation: "Raspberries!" while in mid-air
  • her dispatching of white slavers using tricks she learned from a heavyweight boxer


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