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Tom Jones (1963)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Tom Jones (1963, UK)

In director Tony Richardson's Best Picture-winning, costumed historical adaptation of Henry Fielding's bawdy novel:

  • the numerous inventive cinematographic tricks (old-time movie techniques such as a silent opening with titles, sped-up sequences, freeze-frames, screen wipes, jump cuts, actors making asides to the audience, titles over dialogue scenes, etc.)
  • the film's notable, much-imitated, bawdy, extended-foreplay, primal food-eating dining sequence - a gluttonous multi-course dinner meal with erotically sexual overtones between lusty boyish rogue Tom Jones (Albert Finney) and Jenny Jones/Mrs. Waters (Joyce Redman) who was rumored to be his mother! - with meat, fruit, and oysters providing the aphrodisiac - it was a perfect combination of carnal sexual lust and food consumption
  • their multi-course dinner meal consisted of soup, drafts of ale, turkey, oysters, pears, and wine which they slurped, sucked, and tore into with gleeful and pleasurable abandon


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