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TRON (1982)


Written by Tim Dirks

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TRON (1982)

In Walt Disney Production's visually-astonishing, state of the art (at its time) landmark film with Wendy Carlos' unique score, the first true CGI-animated film:

  • computer programmer/hacker Kevin Flynn/Clu (Jeff Bridges) literally transported ('digitalized'), by malevolent Master Control Program or "MCP" (voice of David Warner), into the grid-lined, neon-glowing, 3-D pixelized world inside an evil corporation's mainframe ENCOM computer where programs lived and worked
  • such astounding scenes as the breathtaking, gladiatorial competitive race in the arena - the light cycle sequence between curved racing pods
  • the startling, brain-spewing death of evil overlord Sark (David Warner) killed by gladiator/hero Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) in a duel
  • the dramatic kiss between Flynn and feminine computer programmer Yori (Cindy Morgan) before Flynn sacrificed himself by jumping into the MCP beam
  • the final liberation of the system (causing landscapes to burst out in full luminous intensity and color)


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