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Two Times (1968)
(aka Deux Fois)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Two Times (1968, Fr.) (aka Deux Fois, or Twice Upon a Time)

In pioneering feminist director Jackie Raynal's challenging and enigmatic experimental film with a series of unrelated episodes or vignettes:

  • the opening in which Raynal served as the announcer and stated: "Tonight will be the end of meaning”
  • the incredible urination sequence in which director Raynal entered a bare studio room topless and wearing only black panties and pantyhose, with a man named Oscar below her to her left crouched and seated on the floor; after some expressions of nervous pain and looking distraught, she touched her groin (as Oscar obsured the lens while moving away and making grimacing faces); when the view of Raynal reappeared, she was squatting on the floor on her knees - and urinated through her tights to relieve herself
  • in a repetitive sequence, Raynal sat behind a table covered with cameras - she picked up one item, went offscreen, returned with it, then picked up another item and again moved away; after returning the second time, she picked up a mirror and reflected light by flashing it toward the lens of the filming camera


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