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Two Women (1960)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Two Women (1960, It.) (aka La Ciociara)

In writer/director Vittorio De Sica's sub-titled Italian film:

  • the central character of Cesira (Oscar-winning Sophia Loren) - the widowed and tormented shopkeeper mother of 13-year-old teenaged daughter Rosetta (Eleanora Brown) who she vainly tried to protect in war-torn Italy during World War II in the dark war year of 1943
  • in the Italian countryside during the taking of Rome, their long trek back on foot when they were almost run over by a column of allied Moroccans in jeeps amid ogling and catcalls
  • the film's most horrifying, traumatic and memorable scene - the two were forced to survive during an overnight beating and brutal gang rape by a platoon of retreating Moroccans in a bombed-out church


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