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Up (2009)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Up (2009)

In Disney's/Pixar's exquisite life-affirming animation:

  • the emotionally deep, powerful and effective wordless 4-minute montage of 'married life' -- a man's entire relationship (of highs and lows) with his wife up until her death - in the person of two young kids who met and later married: balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen (voice of Ed Asner) who worked in a zoo and adventurous, tomboyish Ellie (voice of Elie Docter)
  • their life journey of growing old, including buying and fixing up a dilapidated two-story home (soon threatened by encroaching city developers), painting their names (and leaving handprints) on their mailbox, taking frequent picnics to a hillside where they laid on their backs and observed cloud animal shapes, dreaming of having a family and setting up a nursery room but experiencing childlessness (miscarriage), his presentation of "My Adventure Book" to her with their mutual dream of going to Venezuela's Paradise Falls by saving spare coins for the journey (but they were never able to go, due to other obligations and debts), her tying of his necktie (numerous times to indicate the passage of time) as their hair greyed, his purchasing of tickets to Venezuela but the abrupt interruption of her failing health and death, and his expression of bereavement at her funeral before returning home alone - as the montage ended
  • the scene of Carl's soaring up in his helium-balloon lifted wooden home over the city
  • his slow-building camaraderie with chubby stowaway Wilderness Explorer scout Russell (voice of Jordan Nagai) as they sailed to South America
Sailing to South America with Explorer Scout Russell

Two Kids: Carl and Ellie

Painting Mailbox With Their Names

Ellie Tying Carl's Necktie

Growing Old Together

Carl at Ellie's Funeral


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