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Body Heat (1981)


Written by Tim Dirks

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Body Heat (1981)

In writer/director Lawrence Kasdan's debut feature film - a modern-day, twisting film noirish tale of a deadly and obsessive love triangle, involving adultery, murder, and a deceptive femme fatale, modeled after Double Indemnity (1944) and The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946):

  • the tempting, sizzling, smoky-voiced and highly-sensual femme fatale Matty Tyler Walker (Kathleen Turner) (with an elevated 'body heat' temperature) was introduced with her famous line toward simple-minded, small-town (fictional Miranda Beach) Florida attorney Ned Racine (William Hurt) - "You're not too smart, are you? I like that in a man"; he willingly responded: "What else do you like? Lazy, ugly, horny, I've got 'em all"; the predatory female ultimately set her sights on him to help plot the murder of her wealthy husband Edmund Walker (Richard Crenna)
  • in an erotic, steamy sex scene, Ned was about to leave Matty's mansion, but was enticed to reenter by an eager-looking Matty inside; he broke into her locked house through the porch bay window with a garden lawn chair (to the sound of wind chimes hanging over her balcony) to the awaiting, horny and receptive Matty; after feeling her breasts and crotch through her clothing, she laid back on the floor; he removed her panties to make love to her, exclaiming: "It's so right!"; she begged: "Please, Ned. Do it!"
Matty (Inside Her House): "Please, Ned. Do it!"
  • during their initial encounters, their conversations were laced with lots of verbal foreplay and double-entendres; she inadvertently (but deliberately) kept referring to her husband's faults, her own unhappiness and how she'd wish her husband would die; she had mentioned that she had asked for a divorce, but a previous prenuptual agreement would leave her with little money
  • the film had numerous highly-charged, non-stop sweaty sex scenes, with Ned begging: "Gimme a break here. It takes a little while..You are killing me. I'm red, I'm sore...Look at it. It's about to fall off."
  • Ned mistakenly delivered a very forward proposition to Matty's visiting high school girlfriend Mary Ann Simpson (Kim Zimmer) who slightly resembled her: "Hey lady, do you wanna f--k?"
  • during one controversial scene, Matty's young niece Heather (Carola McGuinness) caught the two in an oral sex act but couldn't identify the man with the erection
  • fueled by his lust for both Matty's body and wealth, Ned conspired with Matty to plot the murder of her unsuspecting husband one night; there was a violent fight-to-the-death with Matty's husband during the botched murder in the hall of his opulent home
  • Matty offered final assuring words to Ned: "Whatever happens, you must believe that I love you" which eventually proved to be empty
The Boathouse Explosion Killing "Matty"
Ned's Realization in Jail: "She's Alive!"
"Matty" On an Exotic Beach
  • Edmund's body was transported in Ned's car trunk to Edmund's abandoned beachfront hotel, and burned to the ground (with a timer device that was rigged by Racine's ex-client and arsonist Teddy Lewis (Mickey Rourke)). Although police first suspected that an arson accident had taken the life of Edmund, recent alterations to Edmund's will (co-signed by Ned, and with Mary Ann Simpson as a witness) made Ned the prime suspect. [Note: It was later revealed that Matty had forged Ned's name on the documents, to inherit all of the estate.]
  • Matty had also rigged a similar device in the mansion's boathouse - after Ned became suspicious and forced Matty at gunpoint to enter the boathouse, an explosion blew up the structure, and presumably killed her; "Matty" was identified by dental records and Ned was charged with her murder and imprisoned
  • in the surprise ending, Ned - who was serving time in the Florida State Penitentiary for her murder, finally realized that he had been duped; Matty had planted Mary Ann's body in the boathouse before the explosion, and escaped with her own life; Matty had assumed the name and life of her friend - and presumably, the real "Matty" learned of the deception and threatened blackmail, but was then killed - and her body was stashed in the boathouse
  • this was confirmed for Ned in the startling conclusion when he saw Matty's picture in a 1968 high school yearbook, with her name displayed as "Mary Ann Simpson" (with the nickname "The Vamp" and her ambition: "To be rich and live in an exotic land")
Swapped Yearbook Identities
  • the final view in the film was of 'Matty Tyler' reclining on a beach chair in the tropics, while Ned was charged with Edmund's murder and imprisoned in a Florida state penitentiary, while "Matty" had escaped "to be rich and live in an exotic land"

Matty: "You're Not Too Smart, Are You?"

'Hot' Love-Making: Matty and Ned

"Matty" With Husband Edmund (Richard Crenna)

Matty's 'Double' Mary Ann Simpson

Niece Heather Witnessing Oral Sex


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