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The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

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The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)
d. Guy Hamilton

Miss Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland)

In this ninth Bond installment, Bond (Moore) was assigned to work with British Secret Service assistant Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland), who had been stationed in Hong Kong for two years in staff intelligence.

She was a ditzy and bumbling blonde, who at first blocked Bond's taxi in pursuit of villainous Francisco Scaramanga's (Christopher Lee) lover-mistress Miss Andrea Anders (Maud Adams), as she was taken by a courtesy Rolls-Royce to the Peninsula Hotel.

She was to assist Bond in pursuing the bad guy title character, "The Man with the Golden Gun" (Scaramanga), who sought to acquire a Solex Agitator - a device powerful enough to harness the energy of the sun - during the current world's energy crisis. The running gag in the film was that Goodnight's sexual/romantic interest in Bond was forever interrupted and sidetracked. Bond said he needed to conduct "official business" and pursue Andrea in her Hong Kong hotel room (in the shower!), and left her at the hotel's front curb.

Later, when he left her at their Bangkok hotel for a late dinner engagement with a suspected villain, he frustratingly tantalized her by promising: "A midnight snack might be just the thing." When she replied: "I'll keep the wine properly chilled," he added: "And everything else warm, I trust." The next evening, Bond finally reunited with her for dinner at their hotel, where they were offered a complimentary bottle of Phuyuck '74. Bond claimed he approved, but he wasn't referring to the wine: "Oh, not the wine. Your frock. Tight in all the right places. Not too many buttons... (toasting) To this moment and the moment yet to come." Goodnight wasn't receptive to his hinted romantic overtures, and breathlessly replied before leaving their table: "Oh, darling, I'm tempted. But killing a few hours as one of your passing fancies isn't quite my scene."

Bond returned to his hotel room feeling rejected, but was pleasantly surprised to find Goodnight in his room wearing a short nightie: "My hard-to-get act didn't last very long, did it?" He invited her to his bed and kissed her, but after she happily exclaimed: "James, I thought this would never happen," they were interrupted by the entrance of Andrea at his door - she had bribed a bellboy to let her in.

As Goodnight listened under his sheets, Andrea warned Bond about Scaramanga's deadly intentions, and entreated Bond ("I need 007") to kill her master and escape his clutches ("I want him dead. Name your price. Anything, I'll pay it. You can have me too if you like. I'm not unattractive"), and then kissed him: "I've dreamed about you setting me free." Goodnight was thrown in the bedroom closet while Bond had sex with Scaramanga's deceitful mistress for a two-hour period.

Afterwards, Bond promised the sensuous but angered Goodnight as he extricated her: "Forgive me, darling. Your turn will come, I promise." Later as she was ineptly assisting Bond to acquire the Solex Agitator, she was pushed by Scaramanga into the locked trunk of his AMC Matador when she tried to bug the vehicle with a magnetic homing device, and she found herself kidnapped during a lengthy chase sequence through Bangkok. She was flown in the trunk of Scaramanga's converted car-plane to his private island base in Red Chinese waters.

Bond flew there in a seaplane and first saw her in a bikini during a formal lunch conversation, snidely commenting: "Aren't we a little overdressed?" Scaramanga added: "I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons."

In the conclusion, after Bond shot Scaramanga dead, she pushed one of Scaramanga's men into the liquid helium-cooled tanks, causing the plant to become unstable and dangerously overheat in a meltdown. Bond was impressed: "There's more to you than meets the eye, Goodnight." But then she clumsily backed into the energy station's control panel console, activated a solar laser beam, and almost incinerated Bond with it. Exasperated with her ineptness, Bond yelled to her to "push every damn button" to turn it off, although it was a cloud covering the sun that deactivated it.

After the two raced from the exploding base, they safely escaped together and sailed out to sea in Scaramanga's Chinese junk "on a slow boat from China." Their long-delayed romantic interlude in Scaramanga's bedroom was interrupted by the villain's diminutive knife-wielding "midget" Nick Nack (Hervé Villechaize) who entered their bedroom through the ceiling.

After Bond disposed of the pint-sized midget stowaway on the upper deck, Bond returned to embracing Goodnight on the bed ("Now, where were we?"). But there was another interruption to their peace - "M" phoned for Bond on an ascending phone unit next to the bed (Bond: "Something came up"), and asked to speak to Goodnight. Bond requested that his superior hold on, then passionately kissed her, and answered: "She's just coming, sir!" Bond put the phone aside on the bed to resume love-making, while "M" kept calling out for "Goodnight." To prevent any further delays, Bond hung up the call with his own final words: "Goodnight, sir."

The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Miss Andrea Anders (Maud Adams)

The film's main deadly villain, title character Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), was first viewed in the pre-title credits sequence on his private island - he lived there in a luxurious lair located off the coast in Red-Chinese territorial waters. He was lounging on the beach with his abused mistress-lover Andrea Anders (Maud Adams).

Bond (Moore) first met Anders after she picked up Scaramanga's latest consignment of custom-made golden bullets, when he followed her from a Macau gambling casino by hydrofoil to Hong Kong, and startled her as she showered naked in her Peninsula Hotel room. After she pointed her gun at him, he manhandled her after knocking the gun away.

Anders identified herself as Scaramanga's lover, but "only before he kills" - 'the man with the golden gun' believed that sex with her guaranteed murderous success. He made love to his mistress on his Chinese junk ship as a prelude before killing Gibson (Gordon Everett) - the solar energy scientist/inventor of the Solex Agitator desired by Scaramanga, outside the Bottoms Up strip club.

Later, she entered Bond's hotel room, interrupting a sexual encounter about to occur between Bond and his nightie-wearing British Secret Service assistant Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) - who was hiding under the bedsheets. Bond greeted her: "Miss Anders. I didn't recognize you with your clothes on." As Goodnight listened, Andrea warned Bond about Scaramanga's deadly intentions, and explained: "He's a monster. I hate him," but she couldn't just walk out on him. Risking her life, she entreated Bond ("I need 007") to kill her master and escape his clutches ("I want him dead. Name your price. Anything, I'll pay it. You can have me too if you like. I'm not unattractive").

She admitted that she had sent the ominous golden bullet (engraved with its target 007) to Bond at his London headquarters. She kissed him: "I've dreamed about you setting me free" and even promised Bond possession of the Solex agitator if he would kill Scaramanga.

When Andrea briefly visited the bathroom to change out of her clothes, Bond shoved Goodnight into the bedroom closet - and she was forced to uncomfortably listen as Bond retired to have sex with Andrea - she revealed her nakedness when her blue bathrobe dropped to the floor during an embrace before two hours of love-making.

However, her deceitfulness resulted in her death - the next day at the planned exchange of the Solex during a Thai kick-boxing match, Bond noticed that she was sitting next to him in the audience, stone-cold dead from a bullet wound to the chest. Scaramanga told Bond why she was killed: "A mistress cannot serve two masters."

The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Chew Mee (Francoise Therry)

One of the briefest contacts that Bond (Moore) ever had with a Bond girl was with Chew Mee (Francoise Therry).

Bond was on a mission to Bangkok to impersonate villain Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), while meeting with his associate, wealthy industrialist Hai Fat (Richard Loo). He had requested a synthetic third nipple from "Q" to complete the disguise, "a little kinky," hoping that Hai Fat had never previously met the killer.

Upon arrival, he scaled the industrialist's highly-guarded wall to enter Hai Fat's mountainside compound and mansion. There, he first saw Chew Mee swimming completely naked in the pool. Bond said: "Tragically, I have no trunks."

The skinny-dipping Chew replied: "Neither have I." As he removed his shirt to join her, Hai Fat approached and ordered him to leave, but then saw his third nipple, knowing that it belonged to his hired killer.

Chew Mee scurried off, never to be seen again.

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