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Dr. No (1962)

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Greatest Bond Girls in James Bond Films
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Dr. No (1962)
d. Terence Young

Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson)

In London, England at the exclusive Le Cercle Club, British government Agent 007 James Bond (Sean Connery) was at the gaming tables playing Chemin de Fer against pretty, red-dressed card-player Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson), the first Bond girl of the entire series. After being beaten, she inquired of her opponent: "I admire your luck, Mr...?" He replied with the classic entrance line: "Bond, James Bond."

When she asked if he objected to raising the betting limit, he added: "It looks like you're out to get me." She joked: "It's an idea at that." After winning the next hand, he was summoned away from the gaming table. She was sorry to see him leave: "Sorry you have to go, just as things were getting interesting." He asked his defeated opponent, "Do you play any other games - I mean, besides chemin de fer?" She replied: "Golf, amongst other things." She was disappointed that she would have to wait until the following afternoon to see him and then have dinner together, but said: "Sounds tempting." He gave her his card and number.

After Bond was briefed by the head of British Secret Service at his headquarters, he entered his own luxury apartment, where he realized someone had gained entry. Wary, he held a gun on the sexy Sylvia, who surprised him. She was only wearing Bond's own pajama top ("something more comfortable") and her high-heeled shoes - and she was practicing her putting golf strokes on the rug.

She explained how she had accepted his invitation, although earlier than expected. She seductively convinced Bond, with a kiss, to not leave immediately for his mission in Jamaica ("When did you say you had to leave?"). Bond agreed to leave "almost immediately" after love-making with her.

Dr. No (1962)

Bond 'Bad' Girl Miss Taro (Zena Marshall)

Bond (Connery) first met suspicious secretary Miss Taro (Zena Marshall) in the Government House of the British foreign secretary Pleydell-Smith (Louis Blaazer) in Kingston, Jamaica, where two official files (on Doctor No and Crab Key) were missing. She had acquired the job to steal secret files detailing Dr. No and Crab Key Island. He caught the exotic femme fatale Miss Taro listening in at a keyhole ("That's a naughty little habit") - a sign that she was secretly working and spying for villainous Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman).

He offered to spend the afternoon with her, although she demurred: "What should I say to an invitation from a strange gentleman?" She answered her own question with: "Maybe." At his hotel, he received a phone message from Miss Taro to pick her up at her apartment in the Blue Mountains ("It's lovely up here in the mountains, nice and cool"). On his way there, Bond (in a rented blue Sunbeam Tiger convertible) narrowly escaped death when a large black hearse pursued and attempted to steer him off the road. He escaped under a crane and forced the murderers (the "Three Blind Mice") off a cliff and their car crashed in flames ("I think they were on their way to a funeral").

Just finishing a bath, Miss Taro was speechless when Bond arrived unharmed at her door (Bond: "You did invite me, remember?") - she thought she had set him up to be killed. When she said she must put on clothes, he added: "Don't go to any trouble on my account" and impatiently kissed her. He told her: "Forgive me. I thought I was invited up here to admire the view."

After she took a phone call from someone wanting to keep Bond there for a few hours, he seduced the sensuous Miss Taro. Then immediately afterwards, he had her arrested after ordering a 'taxi' (in fact, he called the local police Superintendent) - she spit in Bond's face as they drove her off.

He then set a trap, making the bed look like there was a figure sleeping there, and awaited the arrival of an assassin, called there by Miss Taro. The killer was revealed to be Professor Dent (Anthony Dawson), who emptied his Smith-Wesson silencer-gun into the bed in an attempted assassination, Bond noted: "You've had your six," and killed Professor Dent in cold-blood with two bullets from his Walther PPK.

Dr. No (1962)

Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress)

In the film's most unforgettable sequence, Bond (Connery) awakened to the sound of a girl's voice singing "Underneath the Mango Tree." On the Crab Key beach rising Venus-like from the water with giant seashells that she was poaching, Bond had his first view of Honey Ryder, an innocent, carefree, voluptuous native island girl/diver wearing a sexy, white bikini and hunting knife.

Honey asked: "What are you doing here? Looking for shells?" Bond (glibly) replied: "No, I'm just looking." [Note: In the original Ian Fleming 1958 novel, Honeychile emerged from the water naked.] He assured her that his intentions were "strictly honorable." She explained how her boat was too small to be noticed, and that she often came to the beach to get shells for sale in Miami. They had stopped trying to catch her, and had given up ("I don't think they bother anymore").

After ducking for cover from a high-powered patrol boat that fired at them on the beach, she led them to a hiding place, where they evaded more guards with dogs. She explained how she believed that Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) had killed her marine zoologist father - he had disappeared on Crab Key while exploring. She had lived all over the world (the Philippines, Bali, Hawaii - "anywhere there were shells") with her father. She didn't go to school, but resourcefully learned everything as a child by reading an encyclopedia ("I started at 'A' when I was eight, and now I've reached 'T'. I bet I know a lot more things than you do!").

When she and Bond were taken captive by Dr. No's men wearing radiation suits, they were taken to Dr. No's lair at his private island, where they were stripped of their clothes (Bond: "Do the girl first") and then showered in a decontamination chamber to be scrubbed clean of radiation.

Afterwards, they were ushered by Sister Lily (Yvonne Shima) and Sister Rose (Michel Mok) to adjoining hotel suite rooms to dress. A drug-laced coffee drink knocked them out, after which they awakened, dressed formally, and descended in an elevator for a dinner with gracious Dr. No in his private study next to his giant aquarium with a huge glass observation panel.

After a short discussion about Dr. No's plans for world domination, he ordered Honey to be taken away by guards for their amusement, and Bond - attempting to defend her - was subdued, beaten up and imprisoned.

After Bond escaped from his own cell, sabotaged the facility, set it to self-destruct, and killed Dr. No, he rescued strapped-down Honey from a flooding sluice-gate chamber, and they safely escaped Crab Key in one of Dr. No's boats - that conveniently ran out of fuel and sent them drifting. He suggested: "We can swim, or come here..."

Soon, they were given a tow back to shore by CIA ally Felix Leiter (Jack Lord) on a rescue boat, although Bond released the tow-line to let them go adrift and continue embracing.

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